The “Kirchevo” deposit has a concession area of 144 000 m², located 6 kilometers south of Kirchevo, Lovech municipality. At “Kirchevo” quarry we extract red sandstone, suitable for the production of curbs and pavestones of different sizes. The sandstone coloring is warm, saturated red to brown-red color. The red sandstone is very dense and solid, especially suitable for the production of pavestones for road pavement, sidewalks, parking areas and alleys. At the quarry we also have a production factory for pavestone chopping. From the extracted red sandstone blocks can be produced standard pavestones with dimensions of 5x5x5 cm, 7x7x7 cm and 9x9x9 cm. The production technology allows for the production of pavestones based on individual requests. With its exceptional density and outstanding coloring, the red sandstone is extremely suitable for exterior use and decoration.

Physico-mechanical test results:

  • volume weight – 2.63 g/cm³
  • specific weight – 2.665 g/cm³
  • water absorption – 1.16 %
  • compression strength in dry state – 167.8 MPa
  • frost resistance coefficient – 0,98
  • “Micro-Deval” abrasion – 1.8%