The “Nanovitsa” deposit has a concession area of 75 000 m², located 3 kilometers east of Yablanitsa, near the Nanovitsa area. Administratively, the quarry is located in the Lovech region. At “Nanovitsa” quarry we extract marbleized limestone with light to dark grey coloring. The material can be characterized by a very high rigidness and frost resistance. When polished, this limestone has very attractive decorative qualities and is suitable for indoor and outdoor facings.

Physical-mechanical test results:

  • volume weight – 2.653 g/cm³
  • specific weight – 2.78 g/cm³
  • water absorption – 1.284 %
  • compression strength in dry state – 197.8 MPa
  • frost resistance coefficient – 0,89
  • “Micro-Deval” abrasion – 3%