The “Rumyantsevo” deposit has a concession area of 26 000 m², located 2 kilometers west of Rumyantsevo, 19.5 kilometers north of Yablanitsa and 10 kilometers south of Lukovit. At “Rumyantsevo” quarry we extract mainly white marbleized limestone. In limited quantities we extract slightly creamy to beige marbleized limestone. The material is homogeneous and more rigid than the Vratsa limestone, which makes it very easy to polish. The warm color of the material makes it highly suitable for interior and exterior facings.

Physico-mechanical test results:

  • volume weight – 2.56 g/cm³
  • specific weight – 2.745 g/cm³
  • water absorption – 6.43 %
  • compression strength in dry state – 124 MPa
  • frost resistance coefficient – 0,95
  • “Micro-Deval” abrasion – 3.6%